About VDL Insect Systems

VDL Insect Systems is the central point for equipment and integrated solutions for insect production.
We supply complete factory solutions for large scale production, providing state-of-the art technology conform your system requirements and specifications.
If required we can also provide design and engineering and deliver equipment accordingly.

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Our Approach

  • Integrated design considering all production steps
  • Modular and up-scalable solutions
  • Off-the-shelf equipment
  • Proven technology for each production phase
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services
  • Turn-key delivery


Integrated solutions

VDL Insect Systems can offer a complete range of products and services, ranging from feeding, breeding, rearing and processing solutions, with focus on Black Soldier Flies, Mealworms and Lesser mealworms.

All equipment is manufactured and supplied under a single entity, and the VDL Groep includes companies specialized in metal working, platic injection moulding, electronics, robotics, HACCP food and feed equipment, as well as assembly of equipment. Having the production facilities within VDL Groep enhances the important quality control and flexibility.
Our competitively priced products and state of the art equipment guarantees a high quality of the insect end-products.


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Value Proposition

  • Leapfrog to implementation and start of production
  • Plug & Play accessible solutions for small and medium size companies
  • Reduce time of development of technology
  • Customized solutions for large projects
  • Proven technology and related cost-effectiveness
  • Continuous R&D and innovation of equipment and systems, based on extensive know-how and machine building for the food and feed industry