Black Soldier Fly


Black Soldier Fly is a global accepted insect for farming and production. They provide a perfectly sustainable solution as an ideal feed source for various animal species, this due to the short production cycle and the high protein content.

We provide the following solutions:

Our feed plant solutions cover all your needs from the reception, storage and preparation up to our unique solution of dosing the prepared feed mix into the insect crates.

Our method of dosing the feed into the crates is designed to ensure equal, and accurate feeding by taking the insect itself into account. This translates into cost savings, effective feeding and efficient insect growth.

Our crates are specifically designed to meet the needs of insect growth. We have taken into account important product features and incorporated them as core features in the crates. In addition, we have also added smart features. This results in perfect insect crates designed and manufactured by VDL.


A proper climate ensures that insects to feel comfortable to grow. VDL Insect Systems has the right knowledge to offer you the right solution, this by ensuring partnerships with the right partners who have extensive experience to design both low-end and as well high climate systems, that meet your needs and those of the insects.

VDL designed together with its partner a standard portfolio which meets the standards from both the agricultural as the food industry. By putting the right components together, we can basically design any layout desired.

The system has a modular set-up, which means it can grow with you. Components can be added later on when your business is growing, this makes the investment cost efficient at any stage.

We can offer you all system designs, from small to big sizes. Always meeting your needs and speeds.


Proper washing of the insect crates is the key. Together with our partner, we offer you the crate washer you need. We can perform tests and research whether the crate is washed according to your standards. We take into account all washing technology topics like temperature, time, chemicals and power. This ensures that you get the right washer.





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