Establishment business unit VDL Insect Systems
Geert Poels – Business Development Manager

Establishment business unit VDL Insect Systems

3 February 2022

Establishment business unit VDL Insect Systems

In 2020, VDL Agrotech took its first steps in insect feeding systems. Since then, the company has worked hard to expand its organisation and product portfolio. This has resulted in the establishment of the business unit VDL Insect Systems by VDL Groep.

VDL Insect Systems

VDL Insect systems contributes in making the feed and food sector more sustainable through the development of “Standard Smart Solutions and Systems” for insect production. We offer insect growers the possibilities to produce cost-efficient against classic protein sources, by offering technology and equipment to solve their production challenges.

We bring biology, physics, high-tech knowledge and craftsmanship together in smart and reliable solutions. Based on our versatile and modular approach, we provide solutions for different production phases and all factory capacity sizes.

We also serve the industry with “Custom engineering and Manufacturing”.

Geert Poels started as Business Development Manager in September 2021. The team also includes  a number of project engineers and where necessary knowledge and manpower are acquired from other VDL companies, such as VDL Agrotech.

"I am very pleased to develop the business unit VDL Insect Systems  as an organisation and  to contribute to making the feed and food sector more sustainable by offering insect breeders the opportunity to produce efficient on a large scale.

With the support and knowledge of VDL Groep and the strong motivation within our team  we will make this a great success.

At this moment we are focusing on the development and delivery of equipment  and exploring new area’s for further innovations. Our goal is to grow VDL Insect Systems into a fully-fledged organization within the VDL Groep".

Product portofolio
In our product portfolio, we distinguish between standard solutions (Standard Smart Solutions and Systems) and custom solutions (Custom Engineering and Manufacturing).

With the Standard Smart Solutions and Systems we focus on  black soldier fly and mealworms. You can think of solutions for the feed plant, climate, crates, logistic handling  and washing.  

Are you looking for a customised solution? Then our product development team can be a full turnkey partner for mechanical engineering by applying our extensive knowledge of effective and hygienic engineering for the insect industry.

VIV Europe 2022

During VIV Europe (31 May - 2 June) we will present VDL Insect Systems on the joint stand with VDL Agrotech and VDL Jansen, Stand: 11.B034. We certainly hope to meet you there and introduce you to VDL Insect Systems.

For now you can have a look at our website and you can follow us on LinkedIn. There we will post regular updates on our activities.

Foodtech cluster VDL Groep

The VDL companies working in the Foodtech cluster focus on innovation and making the food chain more sustainable. We do this by developing and producing inventive processing and packaging machines and systems that are supplied to the global food industry, but we also develop and produce machines and systems for food production itself.

VDL Groep, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is an international industrial family business with 105 operating companies, spread throughout 19 countries, with around 15,000 employees. 

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