Strength through Cooperation and Innovation

Strength through Cooperation and Innovation

18 October 2022

We are happy to announce that a partnership has been established between VDL Insect Systems and Optimum Sorting!

By combining VDL’s strengths on agricultural technology, and more specifically feeding/dosing equipment, with Optimum Sorting’s state of the art inspection technologies, this tandem brings forward a whole new level of automation to the Insect industry (feed/food) to support this fast growing business. Whether on dosing of neonates and small larvae, specific product selection, grading and sorting or as end-quality control, a complete tailored solution can now be provided.

“We are very delighted to cooperate with such a professional company and have access to the high class technology, this step will definitely contribute in accelerating the insect industry. It is a big step forward in terms of technology use and speed within the industry”, says Geert Poels (VDL)

Being a forerunner in terms of technology development for sorting challenges all around the globe and on a wide variety of products, from food to non-food, is part of Optimum’s DNA.

“Having found a partner with the right business ethics, skills, experience and motivation to be at the cradle of growth together of such an interesting business, was part of the decision for us to team up with VDL Insect Systems” according to Lars Janssens (Optimum Soring).