VDL Insect Systems and Marel
VDL Insect Systems and Marel join forces

VDL Insect Systems and Marel

23 May 2023

In the transition towards more sustainable protein sources, insects have a growing impact on the food and feed value chains. Marel and VDL Insect Systems will start exploring touch points for potential cooperation within the insect protein market.

VDL already has a footprint in the insect market with its business unit VDL Insect Systems which focuses on the breeding and rearing of insects like Lesser Mealworm, Mealworm, and Black Soldier Fly. Marel is a global leader in transforming the way food is processed with sustainability at its core. By sharing expertise and knowledge, opportunities for current products and new areas for innovation will be jointly explored.

This unique cooperation contributes to the acceleration of the insect industry and creates more awareness of the potential of insects as food and feed. Insects are not only a very efficient and sustainable protein source, but the use of organic waste as feed for insects also shows tremendous promise in the battle against food waste.